Back to School Paperwork not in Packets

Back to School Letter from Mrs. Kennedy

Dear Families,

The floors have been cleaned, the desks have been set up, but our lunchroom is too quiet.  We are missing one of the most important parts of our school, your children.  It has been a busy few months in the building, preparing for this coming school year and we are almost ready. Are you?

The theme for this coming school year is “Shine Your Light”. I purposely choose Shine your light vs. let your light shine.  I want to make sure we are purposely and actively sharing God’s love with others. We will focus our efforts on learning and being a shining light for God not only in our school but in our greater community. Our service projects will focus on being the hands and feet of Jesus while serving others. We will also introduce a few family service nights throughout the school year. Pot Luck and service; what could be better?

One announcement that I am extremely excited to share is that we received a third grant for our Blended Learning program. This grant will allow us to receive outside professional assistance in growing and improving upon what was started in 2014 in the English and math classes.  We will also be able to explore and implement ways for our school to work collaboratively with other schools, all the while staying in our own buildings. The majority of the grant will cover work done with a marketing firm called Mindsailing.  Kassie and I have already started meeting with them and brainstorming ways to better share our blended learning story and success.

Please read through this packet carefully and make sure you have all of the many forms filled out. Carol is VERY excited about receiving them all back by the first day of school. We know this is a daunting list and we worked hard to ensure that every paper being sent home was worth your time. We left a few papers and ideas out and these can be found on the website under the Parent tab under Back to School.

We love having volunteers in the building and want to make sure we are being good role models for our kids and following the guidelines set out for us. If you have not done your Essential3 training, or unsure if you need to, Carol will be your point person to ask questions.

This summer has flown by and I can not believe I just bought school supplies last night! Enjoy your last few weeks.  

Becky Kennedy